Real case study to help you decide if it’s worth to promote our autotrading software.

Short story of small binary option software affiliate partner with low traffic

Here is a short story (case study) of one of the affiliates who started from scratch promoting autotrading software in 05/2015. We analyse 2 timelines:

First lets focus on the all time timeframe from 05/2015 to 06/2016 (the time this case study is created this the latest data available at the time of this article). Have a look at the Autotrading Software Dashboard below:


Timeframe 04/2015 – 06/2016 – autotrading conversions and profits

Data and assumptions:

  1. We have to dismiss visits as these stats are not correctly presented for this timeframe. The reason is that around 02/2016 the new affiliate system was introduced and older visits (clicks) was not properly implemented into new affiliate data.
  2. We can analyse leads, conversion, FTS and of course balance:-)
  3. Year ago commission was much lover than $300 so over the time average commission was $22605/81=$280


  1. For just over the year beginner affiliate (started making websites and promoted software from scratch as I know him) made $22605
  2. Over the year he refered 721 customers who signed up to the demo account. These 721 sign ups (leads) created 81 deposits. On average one out of ten customers (11% conversion) opened real account and made the deposit to the broker

Lets analyse now timefrime for the last 3 months.

Last 3 months of promoting

Timeframe 03/2016 – 06/2016 – autotrading conversions and profits


As you can see from the chart the traffic and conversions picked up. The visits (clicks) could be analysed as the timeframe is from new affiliate system data.


  1. Only 1509 visits generated 432 sign ups – that’s 28% conversion. It means every third person visiting autotrading landing page at least opened demo account!
  2. So it’s a $14000 profit for directing only 1500 people to the landing page. From other perspective it is $9.40 for 1 click from your website to our autotrading software ($14100 profit/ 1500 visits = $9.4).
  3. If you could drive traffic of 10.000 customers per month it can generate profit of 10.000 * $9.40 = $94000 per month!!! It may be easier said than done but if you work hard couple of months it’s possible.


This is 100% real case study. As an internet marketer you probably wonder what generated such income and where the traffic come from so you could compare your potential. As I know the person and source of traffic here is a breakdown and some insight:

  1. This traffic is from Top Level Domains .com & .net which have
  2. Not a premium but decent free wordpress theme and look quite tidy
  3. Very poor quality content with 50% autogenerated content and google autotranslation to other languages (that’s probably the reason of low traffic as google do not like that kind of content but again, not a lot of work and some people could give up their day jobs for that money). The only positive side is that the content is about binary trading if somebody click autotrading banner there is a high chance of sign up.
  4. Multilingual traffic from all over the word.

So depending of your promotion and quality of traffic 10.000 clicks can give you less than $94000 or even much more if you have good quality websites targeted traders.

Again that’s the real case study to help you decide if it’s worth to promote our autotrading software.